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Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5396: You can never really tell what the next generation wants

Saturday, August 8th, 2015


Present day, evening. In a well-to-do middle-class household, a father is about to have an important after-dinner conversation with his son about the family heirloom…

Father:         (wipes mouth with napkin) Son, now that you’ve turned 18, I’ll be handing my most precious possession over to you. Hopefully you can look after it just as I did, and pass it on to your children one day.

Son:              OMG dad. That’s so GR8. I’ll be sure to show it some serious TLC.

Father:          Uh… right. (Unveils an extremely well-kept Patek Philippe Ref: 5396G-011 from its box) Here! This is an Annual Calendar from the best watchmaker in the world, Patek Philippe. You know what they say: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the ne-”

Son:             SRSLY?

Father:         Huh?

Son:             No, I mean, SRSLY?


Watch Lizard: Girl with the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon ADLC

Monday, April 20th, 2015



People become knowledgeable in horology for different reasons. Some want to know if what they’re buying represents good value. Some want to sound clever during parties. But most guys just want to impress others, like the hot chick at the corner of the bar. And when it comes to this domain, there is no one more superior at the art of Horological seduction than the Watch Lizard. These are his adventures.


Friday, March 6, 2015. Paul Lamer’s Brewery, Singapore. I strode into this popular pub, frequented by white collared finance executive types, with the confidence of a man looking for a washroom. It was the weekend, and that means hunting time for the Watch Lizard.

I sat at a table which offered me a good view of the room. Almost by reflex, my keenly honed senses executed a quick scan of the ladies present and what they were wearing. There was a Rolex (a ladies’ Datejust), a couple of Omegas (mostly Constellations), a Swatch here and there, and also what looked like a really hairy wrist. In short, nothing very interesting.

A disinterested-looking waitress approached. “You wan do order?” she asked, thinking I was one of those persons who used the restroom without ordering anything. (more…)

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon (DSOM): 10 Questions

Saturday, November 1st, 2014


QN1: What is this?

AN: It is an automatic self-winding wristwatch.

QN2: What does “Dark Side of the Moon” mean?

AN: It could refer to one of the following:-

i)      According to Wikipedia, the Dark side of the Moon refers to the side that is opposite to the Sun and which causes the phases of the Moon, e.g. New Moon, Half Moon etc., to appear from the perspective of the Earth;


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ii)     The Dark Side of the Moon could also refer to a studio album released by Pink Floyd in 1973;

iii)   It could be an all-black wristwatch made and released by Omega during Baselworld 2013 when black wristwatches are already a little passe. (more…)

CASIO MTG S1000BD: The Luxury G-Shock

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


When Casio announced the launch of their new MT-G (“Metal Twisted G-Shock”) series last year, executives sat up and paid attention. Finally now, here is a G-Shock that Casio claims is as at ease on the wrist of a delinquent skateboarder (stolen) as peeping out from under a crisp, cuff-linked three-piece suit sleeve. Just make sure it’s a XL-size sleeve. (more…)

Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710 BLNR ‘Batman’:

Saturday, May 17th, 2014
Oyster Bracelet... geddit?

Oyster Bracelet… geddit?

Geneva, Switzerland, Late 2012.

In this completely fictional account, the Chief Marketing Officer of world-famous luxury watch manufacture R*lex is meeting with his two vice-presidents on the latest designs that they will be launching at Baselworld 2013…

Chief Marketing Officer: On a une probleme!! (We have a problem!!)

VP1:        Oui.

CMO:      The Baselworld fair is four months away, but we only have 3 ‘new’ models! This won’t do!

VP2:        Non!

CMO:      Omega is intending to launch a ton of new watches, and even Patek Philippe has more new models than we do!

VP1:        What?! P… Patek? I thought they only made one watch in 40 years!


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