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Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710 BLNR ‘Batman’:

Saturday, May 17th, 2014
Oyster Bracelet... geddit?

Oyster Bracelet… geddit?

Geneva, Switzerland, Late 2012.

In this completely fictional account, the Chief Marketing Officer of world-famous luxury watch manufacture R*lex is meeting with his two vice-presidents on the latest designs that they will be launching at Baselworld 2013…

Chief Marketing Officer: On a une probleme!! (We have a problem!!)

VP1:        Oui.

CMO:      The Baselworld fair is four months away, but we only have 3 ‘new’ models! This won’t do!

VP2:        Non!

CMO:      Omega is intending to launch a ton of new watches, and even Patek Philippe has more new models than we do!

VP1:        What?! P… Patek? I thought they only made one watch in 40 years!


Chopard GT XL Alfa Romeo

Monday, December 26th, 2011

In the last decade we’ve seen Ferrari’s tie-in collections from Panerai and Girard Pellagaux become junk, and Brietling fare no better in their partnership with Bentley. You’d therefore think that watch firms would be more cautious in teaming up with car companies to produce watches but no; somehow they just keep trying, with predictable results.

Chopard, as one of the sponsors of the Mille Miglia has always dallied with motor-racing. Every watch manufacturer knows that sponsoring motoring events is good for business. They offer a ready-made (and often false) history steeped in automotive heritage, even if all the manufacture had ever been involved in was providing stopwatches. Anyway, Chopard has decided to cement their dubious racing credentials by linking up with Alfa Romeo to create the GT XL Chrono Alfa Romeo, reference 168459-3028. (more…)

Rolex Submariner Ceramic Bezel: Interview with the (Green) HULK

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Day, recording studio in the suburbs. Famous radio watch talk-show host Harry Hor Lor Gee is adjusting his microphone and other recording equipment. Across him sits the Incredible Hulk (TM), who looks confused and is clearly uncomfortable in this environment. He examines the microphone in front of him with curiosity, but resists eating it.

Harry Hor: (whispering) .. we’re on? Okay clear the room. (excitedly) Hey watch fans, this is Harry Hor Loh Gee and welcome to another exciting edition of “Watch Tok” -as in ‘Tik Tok’ – get it? Heheh! Boy do we have a special treat in store for you today…

Hulk: Rargh?

Harry Hor: …  and that’s our special guest all “rargh”-ing to go! Heheh! Just hold your horses while I do the show intro sir. “Watch Tok”, your on-air source for critical and objective watch analyses and reviews. “Watch Tok” is brought to you by Hank Bueller, maker of fine watches since 2008. Hank Bueller – we make watches for people who really prefer diamonds.

Like I was saying watch fans, do we have a treat for you today! Introducing live in our studios the very green and very mean Misterrrrrrrrr Incrrrrrrrrrredible Huuuuuulk! At last, watch fans all over the world will finally get to hear what Mr. Hulk himself has to say about horology!

Hulk: (Confused) Urh? (more…)

Fortis IQ Watch

Monday, September 15th, 2008



I really suck at Mathematics. It took me forever to realise what the number ’5′ at the five-o’clock position in Fortis’ IQ watch stood for. Maybe the ‘IQ’ in the name refers to people like me, or maybe Rolf Sachs ran out of space when he was designing the dial of this masterpiece.

This is one cleverly-designed watch for sure. PVD-ed black steel casing with a dark green dial reminiscent of a classroom blackboard. The hour-markers and all other decorations on the dial are chalked, as accordingly explained by Fortis, in the way only Fortis can:

“Chalk is transitory, waking the childhood memories in everybody, leading from the sterile to the human.” Right. Whatever you say guv. Don’t you know that too much chalk will get you sterile and become less human? IQ indeed. But it gets even better. All decorations on the dial, including the Fortis logo are laced with super-luminova. That means you will be the coolest person during a power-failure as all those complicated maths-equations cum hour-markers continue to glow, as you ponder the answer to life’s mysteries.

This watch exudes pure funk and quirkiness, like a skunk who uses perfume or a chair that balances on three legs.The point? It has personality. And by putting the IQ watch on your wrist you too will have a personality instantly. You might almost be mistaken for an artist, an eccentric hobo, or a fashion-magazine critic. You and 998 other persons in this world that is. But just imagine: something that starts more conversations than that $100,000.00 Patek Philippe and the pink-Hawaiian shirt you have on. Go get.

Fortis Limited Edition Art Model IQ Watch, Ref 596.18.61IQ, Stainless Steel Case Black PVD, 40mm case, 20 atoms water resistance, Recommended Retail Price SG$ 1950.00.

my watch has a mouse problem

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

When I was young, I had a Mickey Mouse watch. Well not exactly. It was really a Chinese sewer rat who went to Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon to try and look like Mickey. Anyway I bought my Meeekiy Mouse watch at a street bazaar in Hong Kong when I was five years old for HKD 50. Once I put on that watch, I knew I wanted to be a famous watchmaker one day.

Well time sure passes quickly when there’s a mouse in your watch. The next Mickey watch I was interested in cost about USD 9000; naturally I was quite shocked when I found out about the watch-mice inflation index had thrin-tripled when it was being made by this bloke named Gerald Genta who founded a company named after himself but whom is really no longer there. Er…

Gerald Genta has been making them fine Mickey Mouse watches since the early eighties, and for the upcoming inaugural Formula -1 Grand Prix in Singapore this month, GG has launched a limited -edition ‘Mickey Racing Singapore’ luxury wristwatch. It comes in steel with a calf-leather or rubber strap , measures 41mm in diameter and features GG’s instantly-recognisable automatic jumping hours and retrograde minutes mechanism. And there’s Singapore’s ‘Iconic’ Merlion head located at where the minutes arc (that’s the ’12 o’clock position’ for you) begins. The Merlion looks hungry but happy I guess. Its a pretty big cat and Mickey is a pretty big mouse. I call leg.

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