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Fortis IQ Watch

Monday, September 15th, 2008



I really suck at Mathematics. It took me forever to realise what the number ’5′ at the five-o’clock position in Fortis’ IQ watch stood for. Maybe the ‘IQ’ in the name refers to people like me, or maybe Rolf Sachs ran out of space when he was designing the dial of this masterpiece.

This is one cleverly-designed watch for sure. PVD-ed black steel casing with a dark green dial reminiscent of a classroom blackboard. The hour-markers and all other decorations on the dial are chalked, as accordingly explained by Fortis, in the way only Fortis can:

“Chalk is transitory, waking the childhood memories in everybody, leading from the sterile to the human.” Right. Whatever you say guv. Don’t you know that too much chalk will get you sterile and become less human? IQ indeed. But it gets even better. All decorations on the dial, including the Fortis logo are laced with super-luminova. That means you will be the coolest person during a power-failure as all those complicated maths-equations cum hour-markers continue to glow, as you ponder the answer to life’s mysteries.

This watch exudes pure funk and quirkiness, like a skunk who uses perfume or a chair that balances on three legs.The point? It has personality. And by putting the IQ watch on your wrist you too will have a personality instantly. You might almost be mistaken for an artist, an eccentric hobo, or a fashion-magazine critic. You and 998 other persons in this world that is. But just imagine: something that starts more conversations than that $100,000.00 Patek Philippe and the pink-Hawaiian shirt you have on. Go get.

Fortis Limited Edition Art Model IQ Watch, Ref 596.18.61IQ, Stainless Steel Case Black PVD, 40mm case, 20 atoms water resistance, Recommended Retail Price SG$ 1950.00.

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