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Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch: Corporate E- Ink

Friday, February 11th, 2011


Seiko Corporate HQ, Tokyo, Day
*Translated from Japanese*

Vice President #1: (slams fist on table) The Gaijin are trouncing us in market- share with their high- end luxury watches!

Vice President #2: This is unacceptable!

VP #1: The Swiss brands outsell our gent’s watches by ten to one, and as for our ladies’ watches, we only have watches for old women!

VP #2: Zanen Deshita! (‘It’s such a pity!’)

VP #1: Through our Bushido spirit, the finishing of our watches is impeccable…

VP #2: Yes, impregnable!

VP #1: …and while our movements are all in- house, the world still prefers the western watches with their fancy cases and rubbish movements!

VP #2: They are decadent!

VP #1: Alas, the market is fickle, and while our mechanical movements are superb and our quartz- movements the most accurate in the world, our designers know only to draw with rulers!

VP #2: Maybe we could copy the design of watches like the Cartier Santos 100 or the IWC Mark XVI?

VP #1: Copy? Never! Only cheap watches do that. No – listen – to fight back, we must unleash our Grand Seiko line into western markets and get that guy in the Batman movies to star in our advertisements!

VP #2: Michael Keaton?

Senior Vice President enters

Snr Vice President: Iie! (No!)

Vice Presidents #1 and #2 bow in respect

Snr VP: Our Grand Seiko and Credor lines are sacred national treasures of Japan – and must not be sold to Gaijin (foreigners)!!!

VP #2: Yes, they are sacred!

Snr VP: We must fight fire with fire.

Vice President #2: Fire! We will set them on fire!

VP#1: But how? We have no designer watches.

Snr VP: We must leverage on our strengths! The whole Asia once trembled at the sound of our Zero Fighters!

VP#2: T- Trrrrrembled!

VP#1: Yes! We shall make a line of aviation and pilot’s watches based on the Zero Fighter!

Snr VP: Iie (NO)!!! You fools!

Both VP#1 and VP#2 (bowing): Gomenasai! (Sorry!)

Snr VP: I am talking about our amazing Active- Matrix EPD technology!

VP #2: STD technology?


VP #1: You mean, our Electrophoretic or EPD technology, otherwise known as “E- ink”, of which the resolution can display up to 300 dots per inch?

Snr VP: Yes! Those amazing displays! How it warms my heart to just think of them!

VP #2: Yes, I feel so warm!

VP #1: But the Casio Watch Company rules the crystal- quartz wristwatch market.

Snr VP: Casio!? Casio is not a real watch company! They make calculators! They can only display numbers with fat, undefined segments! And they make ugly rubber watches for kids!

VP #2: Yes, they are goons!

Snr VP: Our EPD or E- Ink technology is so advanced, they are capable of displays finer than anything the world has ever seen, no matter how small the screen!

VP #1: That is because it can display up to four shades of grey- colour…

VP #2: Four! Incredible!

Snr VP: Yes! We shall also arm it with an amazing array of features, like GMT, power reserve, alarm, sync with atomic clock; no Swiss watch can do that!

VP #2: What about a quartz chronograph?

Snr VP: No. We must save that for our upgraded model. Haven’t you learnt  anything from Microsoft?

VP#1: But EPD and especially Active Matrix is power- hungry, our engineers have not found a way to power both the quartz crystal and the display. And your functions…

Snr VP: It is of no matter! We shall have solar panels and use the power of the sun! And have a ‘standby mode’ to conserve battery!

VP#2: Yes! Screen- Savers!

VP#1: But I feel it will still end up looking like a Fossil or Diesel watch.

Snr VP: Very well! We shall show off the amazing display power of E- Ink. Something those Gaijin can never hope to achieve with their technology!

VP#1: Can we have a picture of a race- queen to show the time?

VP#2: Yes! Race Queens!

Snr VP: I was thinking of Poker- Cards.

VP#2: Yes! Poker- Cards! The inspiration!

Snr VP: The jacks, queens and kings will be perfect to showcase our amazingly detailed display!

VP#2: Oh, it will be so cute! Kawaiii! (Cuuuuute!)

VP#1: It might work.

Snr VP: It will – remember, we defeated the decadent western watchmakers before with our amazing Seiko Astron, the first quartz watch! We brought them to their knees!

VP#1 and VP#2: Yes! Men’s watch heaven, here we come!

Snr VP: The Active Matrix EPD watch will be our new Astron! Once again, the entire horological world will fear Seiko! Seiko!

VP#1: Seiko!

VP#2: Saaaaayko, Saaaaayko, Saaaaayko!


Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch, reference SDGA001, Stainless steel with bracelet, 45mm case diameter, Sapphire Crystal Glass, Radio-wave Sync with Atomic Clocks (Automatic or Manual), LED light, Alarm, 10Bar water resistance, Seiko Calibre NoS770 Quartz movement, Recommend Retail Price S$1590.00

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