Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5396: You can never really tell what the next generation wants


Present day, evening. In a well-to-do middle-class household, a father is about to have an important after-dinner conversation with his son about the family heirloom…

Father:         (wipes mouth with napkin) Son, now that you’ve turned 18, I’ll be handing my most precious possession over to you. Hopefully you can look after it just as I did, and pass it on to your children one day.

Son:              OMG dad. That’s so GR8. I’ll be sure to show it some serious TLC.

Father:          Uh… right. (Unveils an extremely well-kept Patek Philippe Ref: 5396G-011 from its box) Here! This is an Annual Calendar from the best watchmaker in the world, Patek Philippe. You know what they say: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the ne-”

Son:             SRSLY?

Father:         Huh?

Son:             No, I mean, SRSLY?

Father:         Look son, can you stop speaking in chat lingo?


Son:            Can’t help it. That’s how we roll. But NVM me – that thing is our family heirloom?

Father:          OK, admittedly it’s not been around that long… I only bought it a couple of years back… but what’s wrong with the Patek?

Son:               Wellllllllll…is it better than my G-Shock?

Father:          G-Shock? This is a timepiece by the best watchmaker in the world, you can’t compare it with one of your Casios.

Son:               ORLY? What’s so GR8 about it?

Father:         This is not only a Patek, but an annual calendar, one of their finest! It tells not only the day and date, but also the month and what phase the moon’s at.


Son:            FYI, my watch can tell the year, month, date, day, altitude, the tide, the direction, has a LED, receives GPS signalz and is completely indestructible. And why do I wanna know where the moon is? I’m not a werewolf. LMAO.

Father:       (exasperated) Look… that’s not the point. Do you know how difficult it is to make a watch like this? Look at it, thepatek5396-crown ridges, the finishing, every small detail…

Son:            And BTW my watch tells the time in 48 countries. G-Shock FTW.

Father:       This watch is a testament – do you even know what that means? To the manufacturer’s technical mastery. All these complications in a movement, engineered to precision and assembled by hand. The attention to detail is impeccable. It is made from the most precious materials in the world…

Son:            (holding head) TMI…patek5396-caseback

Father:       …the case, a perfect 39mm. And just look at the back! You can see Patek’s incredible Calibre 324-303. A 45 hour power reserve. FOR-TY-FIVE! Without a battery, unlike your soulless, mass-produced G-Shock.

Son:            ORLY? Just how many of your watch are there?

Father:      I dunno. A few thousand maybe. And then there’s a hundred or so of the special edition they made for Tiffany’s.

Son:            Well, only 1500 pieces of my ‘G-Shock X Burton’ were ever made, and they’re completely sold out. So you couldn’t buy it new even if you had the money.


“I’m blue deedba dee badadai…”

Father:         Whatever. My Patek can only increase in value. Your Casio won’t.

Son:        That’s your POV. I bought this for S$259 two years ago when it was released. You can find people flipping it online now for S$500.

Father:         Ok…ok… let me get this straight. Are you saying you don’t want the Patek?

Son:        Well dad, of course I’ll take it, if it’s so IMPT to you. That ‘flower’ design doesn’t quite go with my berms and tees though, IMO.


Father:       …

Son:        TBH, I was kinda hoping that you’d give me a car. One of those new hybrids. Oh well. Anyway, gotta go! The guys are waiting for me. TTYL.

(Exit Son)

Mom:        Well dear, I’m sorry that didn’t work out quite the way you intended.

Father:      (grumbling) He’s a bloody ingrate.

Mom:         He’ll learn to appreciate it in time.

Father:      Oh you bet he will. The watch hasn’t been fully paid for – 108-months interest-free installments can also be passed on to the next generation! LOLO XOXOXOXO!!!



Patek Philippe Annual Calendar, Reference: 5396G-011, PP Caliber 324-303, 45 hour power-reserve. 39mm case in white gold. Alligator leather strap with WG deployant clasp, sapphire crystal glass. Recommended retail price: S$67,500.
Casio G-SHOCK X Burton, Reference: GDF100BTN-1, 3255 quartz module, 5 years power-reserve. 200m water-resistance, rubberised case. Cordura strap. Recommended retail price: S$259 (no longer in production)  

Special thanks to Dr Luke Ho for the photography and to Dr Alvin Chew for the watch.


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  1. kunsang Says:

    Please review the CASIO G-SHOCK in the photo. What model isit???

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