Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 39: Diary of a Watchmaker

JLC Master Ultra-Thin 39 Moon

Sunday, 17th June

Dear diary, today I find myself again in an argument with my co-workers. Christophe has just left my office after complaining that my watches are too skinny.

But what does Christophe understand? Thin is beautiful!! Not like those horrible Master Compressors that he keeps trying to sell to American rap stars and Navy Seals!

I have dedicated my life to my art, my craft. And my goal, as I’ve mentioned many times before, but find myself mentioning again just in case unknown persons are reading my diary, is to create the thinnest watch in this world. When I am done, dear diary, the Piaget Altiplanos and Vacheron Patrimony Grand Tailles will be a distant memory. Ha ha.. *cough cough*. Yes I know that not many persons record their coughs in their diary, but I am different. Just like my “Mister Ultra-Skinny Moonface” will be when finished. I’ve not decided on the name yet, but Amelie from marketing likes ‘Moonface’. I think she adores me…

Wednesday, 9 July

J*eger management is happy with how the watch is going. The case is going to be 39mm, which is THE classic men’s size. But the thinness of the watch will be the star attraction. For this project we will be using my new calibre 999X, which will only be 1mm tall! Yes, although it is still in the experimental phase my creation will be only half the thickness of Piaget’s Altiplano! Anders from movements actually thought that his caliber 925, which is 4.9mm tall after he found a way to incorporate the date and moonphase complications, would be suitable. Yes, it is a good movement but it is just not thin enough. Sorry Anders, but in the world of thin movements you just bought a Big Mac to a canapes party.

In other news dear diary, I have a hot date with Amelie tonight. It will be really hot as it’s at the only curry restaurant in Le Sentier. I expect her to declare me genius watchmaker and her love as well. Yes, it is a rare occasion when I drag myself away from my workbench.

Thursday, 10 July

What a disaster!

Everything was going so well with Amelie until she started asking me about Anders! Apparently she has a crush on him. I am heartbroken!

I should have known that she cannot understand true genius! But I’ll show them yet when I finish my ultimate watch. But there is bad news there as well. Apparently management thinks my experimental calibre 999x is unstable and want me to consider working with Anders to use his movement instead. Sacre bleu!! Yes, I do admit that my 999X does tend to stop at 4pm on Wednesdays and that the date display somehow goes backwards, but surely this is a small price to pay for such a thin movement? Anyway, I refuse to consider working with Anders.

And oh, one other thing, management hates my name for the watch. They want it to be called “Master Ultra Thin Moon” instead. Pedants!!

Friday, October 9

It is over for me here. There is no way back. Today they finalised plans for the watch. It will be called the Master Ultra Thin Moon 39, as Anders had suggested. It will also feature his movement. As a matter of fact it is now his project and he will display it at SIHH 2011 in January.

I think I might have overreacted a little when they told me this bad news. On hindsight, I do not think I should have slapped the CEO when he was trying to calm me down. And slapped his mother, whom I honestly did not know was 95 years old. I have resigned.

Happily, dear diary, there is already another company which has made contact with me. They say they are very interested in my movement which goes backwards and tends to stop moving. Although they make big watches, I see potential for myself in Franck M*****. They want me to start immediately.

Jaeger leCoultre Master Ultra-Thin 39 Moon, Ref No: 1368420, 39mm dial, stainless steel case with flat leather strap and deployant bucket. JLC Caliber 925 movement, 43 hours power reserve, 100m water-resistance, recommended retail price S$13,800.00

Watch here pictured with brown calfskin stitched leather strap from Wempe


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