Rolex Submariner Ceramic Bezel: Interview with the (Green) HULK

Day, recording studio in the suburbs. Famous radio watch talk-show host Harry Hor Lor Gee is adjusting his microphone and other recording equipment. Across him sits the Incredible Hulk (TM), who looks confused and is clearly uncomfortable in this environment. He examines the microphone in front of him with curiosity, but resists eating it.

Harry Hor: (whispering) .. we’re on? Okay clear the room. (excitedly) Hey watch fans, this is Harry Hor Loh Gee and welcome to another exciting edition of “Watch Tok” -as in ‘Tik Tok’ – get it? Heheh! Boy do we have a special treat in store for you today…

Hulk: Rargh?

Harry Hor: …  and that’s our special guest all “rargh”-ing to go! Heheh! Just hold your horses while I do the show intro sir. “Watch Tok”, your on-air source for critical and objective watch analyses and reviews. “Watch Tok” is brought to you by Hank Bueller, maker of fine watches since 2008. Hank Bueller – we make watches for people who really prefer diamonds.

Like I was saying watch fans, do we have a treat for you today! Introducing live in our studios the very green and very mean Misterrrrrrrrr Incrrrrrrrrrredible Huuuuuulk! At last, watch fans all over the world will finally get to hear what Mr. Hulk himself has to say about horology!

Hulk: (Confused) Urh?

Harry Hor: Yes Hulk. I thought we could perhaps start by asking you what you presently wearing.

Hulk: Hulk wear… pants.

Harry Hor: Heheh! You’re a funny one Hulk! Anyway Hulky, let’s talk about something that must be close to your heart…

Hulk: (makes guttural noise) Bet-ty…

Harry Hor: Batty? Uh, I was going to ask what you think of this: the Rolex Submariner Green Ceramic Bezel, reference 116610LV. Otherwise also affectionately known amongst Rolex collectors as the ‘Green Hulk’?

Hulk: Hulk Green.

Harry Hor: Yes, it is green indeed. I however find myself asking the question, what does the LV offer over the more conventional black bezel version? Both are outwardly identical and have the same mechanicals – Rolex’s in-house 3135 movement. Except of course that the LV is has a green bezel and dial, and we all know that Rolex only reserves the colour green for special models. Myself I find it a little loud. Green bezel and green dial? What’s next, green bracelet? Heheh! Tell me Hulkster, do you think the Green Hulk version will be a hit, just like the 50th anniversary Submariner was?

Hulk: Hulk hit. Hulk smash.

Harry Hor: You think so? Ok, let’s talk about Rolex’s ceramic models Hulk. I mean ‘Cerachrom’ is really just a fancy name for ceramic isn’t it? And in that field Rolex are kinda late to the game, I know they came out with the GMT master 2 in 2007, but isn’t Ceramic kinda passe by now?  Hasn’t the game moved on, like Liquidmetal which sounds so much more sophisticated, made by Omega…

Hulk: Gamma ray bad.

Harry Hor: Gamma? You mean Omega! Yes, they’ve incorporated Liquidmetal in their Speedmaster and Seamaster Planet Ocean ranges, and they’ve managed to colour these too, into blue, black, orange. I know it’s another method of ceramic working, but if you don’t mind me saying, Liquidmetal looks a lot more lush than Cerachrom.

Hulk: (Eyes microphone suspiciously, hands balled into fists) Grrrrr…

Harry Hor: Whoa! Heheh… Ok, point taken, I won’t say that again! Let’s change the subject. What do you think of the design of the new Submariner case Hulk? It’s more than just a simple up-size to 40mm isn’t it? The case is elongated, the lugs wider. Does this signify a size-creep in Rolex design, especially with the bigger 42mm Explorer II that was recently released?

Hulk: Bigger is stronger.

Harry Hor: Really! But we seem to be trending back to smaller, slimmer watches if this year’s watch fairs were anything to go by. Hulk?

Hulk: (has removed the mike and is now chomping down on it) GRRRRRRUUUURGGGHH!

Harry Hor (gestures to the show producer to come over): (aside) Pete, the show’s a bloody disaster.

Producer Pete: (looking at Hulk, and chewing gum) Boy this blows man. And they say he’s an expert on this stuff?

Harry Hor: Well, Rolex fans supposedly named a watch after him..

Pete: Yar whatever. You need to spice things up a little. Mix it up, get controversial with the green dude…

Harry Hor: But his manager said not to get him angry.

"You won't like me when I'm hungry!"

Pete: Oh yeah? What happens if he gets angry?

Harry: We won’t like it when he’s angry.

Pete: You know, this is why Rolex won’t sponsor our show man. We’re not edgy enough! We have to push the envelope!(To Hulk) Hey You! Yeah you, the green dude dressed like a bum!

Hulk: (Looking up) Rargh?

Pete: Is it true that you don’t wear watches because you can’t read them anyway?

Hulk: (menacingly) Grrr….

Pete: And is it true that your IQ is even lower than the all the numbers on a watch dial combined? HahahahaaAAAARRRGGH!!!

Hulk grabs Pete by the leg and swings him around


Harry: (screaming sounds in the background) Well, that’s all the time we have for you today. Remember to tune in next week for another installment of”Watch Tok”. “Watch Tok”, your on-air source for critical and objective watch analyses and reviews. “Watch Tok”is brought to you by Hank Bueller, maker of fine watches since 2008. HankBuellerwemakewatchesforpeoplewhoreallypreferdiamonds!!! (Exits, screaming)


Rolex Submariner Date with Green Cerachrom Bezel insert, Ref No: 116610LV, 40mm dial, stainless steel case and bracelet, Rolex in-house 3135 movement, uni-directional bezel, 300m water-resistance, recommended retail price S$12,500.00

The Incredible Hulk (TM) copyright Marvel Comics. The Incredible Hulk (TV Series) copyright CBS and Lou Ferrigno, all rights reserved.


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