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Rolex Submariner Ceramic Bezel: Interview with the (Green) HULK

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Day, recording studio in the suburbs. Famous radio watch talk-show host Harry Hor Lor Gee is adjusting his microphone and other recording equipment. Across him sits the Incredible Hulk (TM), who looks confused and is clearly uncomfortable in this environment. He examines the microphone in front of him with curiosity, but resists eating it.

Harry Hor: (whispering) .. we’re on? Okay clear the room. (excitedly) Hey watch fans, this is Harry Hor Loh Gee and welcome to another exciting edition of “Watch Tok” -as in ‘Tik Tok’ – get it? Heheh! Boy do we have a special treat in store for you today…

Hulk: Rargh?

Harry Hor: …  and that’s our special guest all “rargh”-ing to go! Heheh! Just hold your horses while I do the show intro sir. “Watch Tok”, your on-air source for critical and objective watch analyses and reviews. “Watch Tok” is brought to you by Hank Bueller, maker of fine watches since 2008. Hank Bueller – we make watches for people who really prefer diamonds.

Like I was saying watch fans, do we have a treat for you today! Introducing live in our studios the very green and very mean Misterrrrrrrrr Incrrrrrrrrrredible Huuuuuulk! At last, watch fans all over the world will finally get to hear what Mr. Hulk himself has to say about horology!

Hulk: (Confused) Urh? (more…)

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