Dievas Reaper: The Deathly Hallows

The Dievas Reaper

Day, upmarket watch-shop. An unsuspecting watch executive is alone and cleans watch-display cases with a cloth, blissfully unaware of what is to happen next.

Suddenly, lightning strikes the front entrance. A dark cloud appears in the store. Time seems to stand still as The Grim Reaper steps out of the cloud.

Sales-Exec (alarmed): Wha… What?! I’ve not done anything wrong!

Grim Reaper: Mortal…

Sales-Exec (blabbering): Look man, I have a family…a family! I’ve got a wife, kids! My parents are old… take them instead!

G.R.: Mortal.. look, are you even listening to me?

Sales Exec: (In tears): I’m too young! I’ve not fulfilled my dreams! I wanted to go to China and teach homeless Pandas to read…

G.R: (losing patience) Ok shut up! All I want is to buy a watch!

Sales Exec: Wh..what?

G.R: (Sigh) Yes.

Sales Exec: A watch? I mean, you? As in, YOU need a watch?

G.R: It’s been difficult keeping my appointments with an hourglass.

Sales Exec: I see… well… what sort of watch are you looking for?

G.R: Well, accuracy has to be there I suppose. And something durable, when I get into the zone… the killing zone! But beyond that, I dunno. How about something that goes with my cloak? It’s black…

Sales Exec: Hmm… Ok, how about a Vacheron? Classic design, full of useful complications…

G.R: Honestly, I was hoping for something trendier. Vacheron’s been around almost as long as I have.

Sales Exec: (takes out another piece) How about this Bell and Ross? B&R is VERY fashionable.

G.R: Yes, I suppose… But B&R… all the B&R guys I’ve killed work either in theater or advertising… and you know what they say…

Sales Exec: Right, right… How about a Panerai?

G.R: I wanted something more… badass. Panerais only look badass to little girls.

Sales Exec: Hmm… (looks around store). Ok – how about Dievas?

G.R: Dievas? You mean that manufacturer from Singapore?…

Sales Exec: You can find a very good write-up on their company ethos here, and reviews of their watches here & here. But trust me, you’re going to love this (takes out a pitch-black, foreboding looking wristwatch): The Dievas Reaper. It is as black as night itself, with a soul so dark to match…

G.R: Wow, that sounds wiiiiiicked. Is that Shakespeare?


Sales Exec: Close. That quote came from John Tan the night-shift security guard.

G.R: Well… the watch does look very mean.

Sales Exec: Mean? Look, ‘Mean’ doesn’t even *begin* to describe this bad boy. This here is the friggin’ Tony Montana of the hor-o-logi-cal sphere. If you want to know what it’s like to shove a grenade into the pocket of a baby kangaroo, wear this watch.

G.R: Yes… yes. Is it tough?

Sales Exec: Well the manufacturers say it’s made of something they call 6steel, which is um… let me see (checks manual) … six times stronger than normal stainless steel.

G.R: And the accuracy?

Sales Exec: Very dependable – its pretty much the same thing you’ll find in most Hublots, Omegas, Bell & Rosses and Breitlings. The ETA 2824-2, and as you can see, they’ve customised the rotor as well. Nice detailing. The lume hands are blindingly bright too, against the pitch-black dial. I can see that lume just sweeping across the dial like a yellow lightsaber. Perfect for people like us who engage in lots of nocturnal activities, if you know what I mean…


G.R: But the date window is tiny. And in black it’s too dark to read!

Sales Exec: Well you know what they say about true badasses: they don’t care about dates. They’re usually late for appointments anyway.

G.R: True, true. But is it fashionable?

Sales Exec: Look, it’s all black, with bright yellow accents. What can be more fashionable than that?!

G.R: Yes! And it’s even named after me! What a coincidence!

Who’s the real pilots’ watch now, beee-yatch?

Sales Exec: Um… not exactly. It’s supposedly named after an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)…

G.R: What!

Sales Exec:… that kills a lot of people in one go.

G.R: That’s better. OK – I’m sold. I’ll take it. (Wears the reaper on boney wrist and admires it)

Sales Exec: Great! You won’t regret your decision… (prints out receipt and hands it over)

G.R: Thanks thanks… by the way, is there someone here named ‘Freddy Lee’?

Sales Exec: Yes (gulp)…why?

G.R: Oh, nothing much. I’m just supposed to collect him in a couple of hours.

Sales Exec: …You know what, the Dievas Reaper really isn’t all it’s hyped out to be. Let me introduce you to a watch that’s gonna blow your mind. Let me ask you, have you ever heard of the Romain Jerome Day and Night?


Dievas Voyageur GMT, 42mm case diameter in brushed 6Steel Black; Custom Dievas Automatic Movement (ETA 2824-2 Base), leather strap, 42 hours power reserve.

Photo of Reaper/ Predator-B UAV courtesy of Drone Wars UK @ dronewarsuk.wordpress.com


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