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Your Omegas belong in the museum: OMEGA CEO says they’re all ‘sculptures’

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

"All your Omegas belong in a Musuem!"

Well that explains everything really. OMEGA CEO Stephen Uruqhart said in a recent Bloomberg interview that he no longer wears a watch to tell the time. I think most of us have suspected that for a while, but the good man goes on to compare a fine Omega as a “sculpture on your wrist”, or a “painting, or a poem or a book”. Perhaps he was alluding to an Omega being as fragile as a sculpture? Hmm…!

But I guess its just as well that you shouldn’t be wearing an Omega to tell the time, because you’d probably be late. There have been quite a few cases surfacing on the watch forums of the vaunted co-axial movement running either way too fast or ice-cap meltingly slow. Still, that hasn’t stopped Omega from developing a co-axial chronometer and unveiling it at this year’s Baselworld, of course (more on those new Speedmasters and Planet Oceans in a later post).

Customer- service though remains top-notch, showing that Omega’s gotten their priorities right. So in case your Rodin-like Speedmaster got a chip that you didn’t notice earlier, you can always trade it in for another. Ah… art or art’s sake!

read the full interview here:

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