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Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Ceramic: Understating your wealth

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010



A friend dropped by to have lunch with me the other day and he was wearing this fine timepiece which made me take a few pictures of it. He’s an understated type of guy, this friend of mine. Stays in a big mansion but hidden in a corner on top of a hill. Drives a $280,000 sports car that in most respects, resembles a cheaper entry- level version of the same model. And when it comes to his timepieces, he likes black and er, dressing them down. Which is why the first thing he did was to replace the fancy leather strap on his Glashutte Senator Perpetual Ceramic with a $20 one (that probably says other things about him as well). I think he wanted to pass it off as a Fossil or something.

Which is great, because the worst thing a person can do is to remove the ’318′ decal on his BMW Three- Series and kit it out with a M3 bodykit. Nothing says ‘goon’ more than a person who tries to pass his stuff off as something it isn’t, but I have mixed feelings about people who try to pass expensive property off as something … modest. Most of them just have issues with their wealth, but you know they make great people to borrow money from. So he and his Glashutte make a great combination – no fuss, no muss, but extremely talented and capable in their own way. Until I dropped that siew mai on the watch, that is.



Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Ceramic Case, Ref: 10007060605, 42mm Case diameter, Automatic Glashutte In- House 100-07 movement, 50 hours power reserve. Recommended Retail Price: S$41,800.00

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