Tag Heuer prices Silver(stone) like Gold



What the hell?! You can imagine the infamy when the pricing for the (Tag) Heuer Silverstone came public. Just how they manage to justify its USD 6400 pricetag is beyond comprehension. Of course, the AD will tell you that the ‘entire casing was milled from a single solid block of steel’, along with that fact that a single ‘Heuer’ logo is apparently worth a lot more than one that has ‘Tag’ appended on top of it! Movement? The so- called exclusive Tag Caliber 11, which is nothing more than a modified ETA 2892 with a Dubois- Depraz chronograph module cobbled on top. But you know the absolutely worst thing about it: the bloody watch is dropdead beautiful and impeccably finished. Wait… do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of your rationality being run over by a train. Heel boy!

Tag Heuer Silverstone, Stainless Steel Case, 41mm, 40 hours power reserve. Movement: Tag Heuer Caliber 11 (Base ETA 2824 with DD Chrono). Available in Blue or Brown with matching crocodile leather strap.


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  1. KP Says:

    The Silverstone is a lovely piece… fell for it when I first saw it's pictures.

    Strangely, apart from you, nobody else I know likes the watch. oh well…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree completely!

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