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Deliveryman works 7 days a week with his IWC Portuguese

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009



While most people in his profession might prefer to wear something else, Mr. Wirando Alfred Cranston Koh-Ong believes that the International Watch Company’s Portuguese Automatic is the perfect watch for dump truck drivers and part-time deliverymen.

“This watch is great! It never runs out of batteries!” says he, of soiled- overalls and muddy boots enthusiastically. “And it keeps track of time the entire week, exactly right for my work schedule!” When informed that the IWC Portuguese Automatic has an automatic self-winding movement, Mr. Wirando seemed non-plussed. “Yes it has automatic batteries; I also know about the movement – its called ‘pay-a-ton’ 5001 (although I certainly paid a lot more than $5001 for this watch) and you can see through the little window at the back,” he explained, shoving the caseback into this writer’s face. Further attempts to explain an automatic movement to him were futile.



Mr. Wirando’s opinion of IWC was most contentious as well. “Everybody knows that Japanese watches are the best! But Jap watches are too small, just like Japanese men, if you know what I mean,” said he of the dirty fingernails and wide girth. Taking another bite of his juicy Malaysian guava, Mr. Wirando further opined,”IWC, I hear it was founded by an American and all their watches are very big. Just like this one, its has such a very big face, all the better for me to see the time better”.

“Truck drivers like me got to work long and hard hours, our eyesight is naturally not too good,” he continued. “And you know what they say about us working 7 days a week, well its all too true!” he exclaimed, with a sigh. When I further enquired, asking if the rough and tumble nature of his job might result in his watch getting damaged, Mr. Wirando seemed unconcerned. “The watch is protected by me, which is in turn protected by this Volvo A45D dump truck. It weighs 45 tons, let’s see what kinda damage other cars can do to it!” he explained. “Its those folks who wear IWCs and drive fancy, flimsy cars that will end up getting their watches crushed by my truck!”

While this combination may seem to be made for each other, Mr. Wirando does have his issues with the Portuguese. “Why do they call it a Portuguese?! Isn’t Portugal somewhere in Spain? I bought a Swiss watch, not a Spanish watch,” he insisted.

IWC Portuguese Automatic, Stainless Steel Case, 42mm, 100m water-resistance; sapphire glass caseback, 7 days power reserve. Movement: self-winding IWC Caliber 50010.

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