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Recession Special: tourBEARlion

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Sincere apologies to all our readers out there (hello? anyone?) for the lack of updates and posts recently. My colleagues, myself and the company that I work for have been caught up in the tumultuous financial events of the past half a year, and we’ve been trying our darnedest to make ends meet, so that the firm continues running and everybody gets to keep their jobs. We’re not out of the woods yet, and in light of this epic struggle against the wolves of insolvency and foreclosure, an activity such as updating a watch-blog must really really seem quite frivolous.

Back to the recession. Actually, even if you rank amongst the ranks of the fantastically rich and well-heeled, it’s likely that the current financial crisis would have still affected you in several ways. Due to my plunging net-worth, I was not invited to either SIHH or Baselworld this year – but that’s nothing. Apparently some other bloke – an employee at an established watch retailer here in Singapore – stole about eight million Singapore dollars (that’s 1,226,910,210 Icelandic kronas) worth of luxury watches from his own store and fled to Thailand, where he tried to offload them for honest prices (its true! that same retailer would have sold them for 1,993,729,090 Icelandic kronas.) Now I know what you’re really thinking deep down in that deeply intellectual and unfathomnable mind of yours… how many Kronas can you sell your mother-in-law for in Iceland?

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