SINN U1 black to become as common as canned food



More random horological bitterness. As has been suspected for sometime now, SINN has been preparing a production version of their highly successful and limited U1 Black Tempus Edition to be unveiled on 3rd October 2008, this Friday. Still limited (but not as limited as before) to a rumoured production run of 399 pieces, this piece is sure to send collectors, speculators and aficionados scrambling as if their pants were on fire.

I love SINN watches for their value and design but have had my reservations about them for a while now, and I’m not sure if this latest offering does anything to abate them. Technology-wise, this does little to advance SINN’s claims of innovation. Changing colours, removing and adding markings here and there belong to the creative province of primary-school students (and Bell and Ross BR01 designers, if I may add). Next, SINN watches have seen quite a fair increase in price recently across their range and especially evident in the astronomical RRP of their u1000, which again has nothing new to offer innovations-wise but costs as much as an aircraft carrier. This ‘new’ SINN U1 Black looks like its bringing nothing to the table but will be adding a few thousand dollars on top of the price of a regular U1.

Watchmakers are forever milking their designs and this is nothing new. IWC’s 2007 ceramic doppelchronograph spawned a hideous Top Gun edition. Bell and Ross’s BR series designs in blue/ black/ pink/ brown/ orange/ red/ taupe/ aqua/ rainbow also come to mind. Breitling’s Avenger Skyland Blacksteel is actually pretty nice though, bucking the trend of horrible alternate incarnations, but must be regarded as somewhat of a different design altogether. This SINN U1 black is yet to be fully unveiled at time of writing, and I’m hoping it proves me wrong, because SINN is one of those watchmakers I have a thing for. Just don’t make it like another of those colourful/colourless (I believe the word they like to throw around nowadays is “stealthy”) BR01s. No seriously. Please don’t.

The writer is a owner of a SINN U1 Black Tempus edition and is particularly sore that the his watch will no longer be as exclusive.


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