Wacko Japs show how REAL watch mags should be like

Them Japs, they just have magazines for everything. From Hello Kitty merchandise to aquatic pebbles no topic is of no interest to them; I’m sure that’s that’s excellent news for you nail-clippings collectors now that you can get the latest on your exquisite hobby at Kinokuniya’s.

Jap watch mags though, raise the bar of freak-journalism by several notches. In addition to their mind-boggling research and no-frills but highly-detailed photography, they can write about almost every aspect of horological horse-dung in their unpretentious and deeply honorable way. Hai Patek-san, I know I will never own you. But I will commit seppuku if I am merely looking after you for my next generation.

Anyways, from the same creative minds that brought you used-panties-vending devices and Battle Royale films comes articles such as “The Heavenly Order of Luxury Watches” (“Hai?! Four Heavenly Kings?! Patek, Lange, Vacheron and Audemars Piquet are most honorable, Bull-san!”), “Joys of Rolex Explorer One Screw-down Crown Maintenance” and “Which One of these Diver’s Watches will crack under 1000 feet of water first? Let’s Find Out!”

What we also find out about their magazines though: no matter how inane their articles may be, they’ve never ceased to be about the watches first and last. From the inside of the front cover onwards its almost always a near-total blow-by-blow dedication to the timepieces only, showing them off in exquisite detail and telling you what why where (and how much) you can get them for. Functional and packed full of details you never needed to know, but all the wiser for now that you do. What that gives you, you might find, is a very readable watch magazine (you CAN read Japanese, can’t you?).

tourBULLion recommends the following Japanese Watch Magazines: Tokijiki Begin -published quarterly; Shikijiki Oh – monthly; Goods Press Bible – monthly; Power Watch – published quarterly. All of these fine horological publications are available at Kinokuniya Bookstores.


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