Richard Mille SG GP Event

Here at tourBULLion we like to think we are all about the watches. You don’t visit watch blogs to see pictures of models parading the latest in horological fashion, right? Show me the goddamn watch! If you want to see beautiful flesh there are plenty of outlets on the Intertubes for that.

Random celebrity? Check. Can we see the watches now?

As a somewhat middling diploma holder from a local art school, I’m wondering if the target audience is sufficiently induced to buy a $100,000 watch just because its paraded in front of them by a sweet young thing (beautiful timepiece notwithstanding). I’m all for making the product the hero of the ad campaign, which irritates me that the only limited face time we get with the timepieces would be on the wrist of a model.

There’s bound to be a showcase you say? Why yes indeed.

Never lowered to eye level.

The marketeer’s job is to sell us a lifestyle. Get a watch endorsed by Felipe Massa or Tiger Woods and you’ll be driving down the road or fairway just like your heroes. No one wants to buy a watch from a toothless hobo with bad hygiene. I suppose we should be thankful to marketing for at least that much.

And now, the swag bag: Drawstring bag containing a Richard Mille cap autographed by Felipe Massa (very nice) and a classy looking tin of Japanese chocolate biscuits. No catalog. What?

The writer would like to clarify that he is not a particularly bitter person. Except when denied his horological porn catalogs.


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