Rendered Speculation: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore SGP F1

Aah, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. Favored horological implement of international arms dealers, rap artistes, basketball stars, Robotic killing machines from the future/Californian governors and Formula One race drivers. Little wonder then, that AP has created a special edition to commemorate – you’ve guessed it – Singapore’s inaugural Formula One race, to be officially unveiled and launched at a posh party on the 25th of September, of which tourBULLion has not gotten an invite.

Just the mere mention of a new Singapore limited edition APROO is enough to send orgasmic shudders coursing down the oaken bodies of our local AP aficionados even before we know what the watch looks like. Mind you, with only a limited production run of 150 pieces, you can bet a lot of people will buy this watch without knowing first what it looks like.

Fear no more. Our expert artists here at tourBULLion, working on speculative news, insider information, rubbished rumors and our own base imagination have come up with a rendered photo of what this new exclusive watch will probably look like.

So quoted our industry insider: “The striking opulent red colour contrasts against the sporty toughness of the ‘Klingonised’ rubber bezel and strap, which is ten times tougher than that weedy vulcanised rubber. Klingonisation is a new treatment process whereby the rubber is taken and beaten into a senseless pulp by wild, dreadlocked space-faring aliens; you can imagine its quite expensive.” But that’s not all, said the insider. “The Merlion logo, so iconic and representative of Singapore and its culture and a million cheap tourist souvenirs, is actually the roll-cage of a new revolutionary escapement specifically designed to counter the effects of high-speed racing, which the manufacture has decided to name ‘Tormerlion’”. tourBULLion will continue to bring you news and live pictures of this revolutionary watch with its tackymeter when it is launched.

Base graphic used courtesy of the Audemars Piguet website. Would you guys consider a Royal Oak Offshore tourBULLion edition anytime soon? Please?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL that’s a great watch from audemars piget… but shouldn’t it at least have hour and seconds hands?

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