my watch has a mouse problem

When I was young, I had a Mickey Mouse watch. Well not exactly. It was really a Chinese sewer rat who went to Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon to try and look like Mickey. Anyway I bought my Meeekiy Mouse watch at a street bazaar in Hong Kong when I was five years old for HKD 50. Once I put on that watch, I knew I wanted to be a famous watchmaker one day.

Well time sure passes quickly when there’s a mouse in your watch. The next Mickey watch I was interested in cost about USD 9000; naturally I was quite shocked when I found out about the watch-mice inflation index had thrin-tripled when it was being made by this bloke named Gerald Genta who founded a company named after himself but whom is really no longer there. Er…

Gerald Genta has been making them fine Mickey Mouse watches since the early eighties, and for the upcoming inaugural Formula -1 Grand Prix in Singapore this month, GG has launched a limited -edition ‘Mickey Racing Singapore’ luxury wristwatch. It comes in steel with a calf-leather or rubber strap , measures 41mm in diameter and features GG’s instantly-recognisable automatic jumping hours and retrograde minutes mechanism. And there’s Singapore’s ‘Iconic’ Merlion head located at where the minutes arc (that’s the ’12 o’clock position’ for you) begins. The Merlion looks hungry but happy I guess. Its a pretty big cat and Mickey is a pretty big mouse. I call leg.


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