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Editorial: Bulls Don’t Blush

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Welcome to tourBULLion, the watch blog that is more opinionated than your mother-in-law and where technical details are quickly glossed over because we’re technically deficient. Being a watch blog (of sorts), we try to churn out reviews of watches we find interesting, but that’s just the polite way of saying that not many people will let us review their nice, expensive watches.

You can call us heretics, but I think this blog will mostly be about watches. Its not really safe to make such presumptions anymore, you see. Some watch magazines – and I know, because my vet has an amazing collection of them in his waiting room- are actually cleverly-disguised sleeping aids and psycho-analytical theses. These usually include, but are not limited to: editor’s rambling / seizure-inducing photographic-array of luxury-watch-toting-socialites/ infomercials detailing the false histories of watchmakers and their latest designs /arty-farty dreamlike-blurry-photoshoot of hairy-armed models posing with Panerais and IWCs. You get the picture then.

Well here there’ll be very little of that. We might come up with some false histories now and then, but there shouldn’t be articles on how some famous watchmaker supposedly started on his future career the moment he decided to dismantle his father’s watch when he was five years old. Hell, the only thing I would have gotten if I had taken apart my dad’s watch would have been a maiming…

Feel free to send in your own reviews of your watches, luxury, sports, everyday-use or sundial and we’ll try to feature as many of them as possible. In conclusion, I’ld like to end this rambling with a quote on there being beauty in every watch, but I think I’ll save you my mother-in-law-like opinions. Thanks once again.

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